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July 7, 2010

November 2006


We had the most magical time in St Remy. We spent the last two weeks of October in Provence and I must tell you that I am having a difficult time getting back in the swing of things or what I am calling “the fig re-entry”.

The first week was spent teaching at Mas de Cornud. Mas de Cornud is a beautiful estate and cooking school lovingly cared for by Nito and David Carpita.  Not only did they take great care of our guests, they especially took care of both John and I.  We had a full week of cooking classes, excursions, meals at wonderful restaurants, shopping and just getting to know some wonderful new friends. Mas de Cornud is a fully equipped cooking school and Nito has every imaginable gadget in her kitchen.

Mas de Cornud

Hands on Class

Pizza Class

Though it is hard to be comfortable to make yourself at home in someone else’s kitchen, Nito went out of her way to give us a warm welcome and our classes ran smoothly. Our classes turned into our meals and most nights we were 15 around the table, with lovely wines selected by David, (mostly Rhones) with a beautifully set table with candlelight, laughter and jovial conversations.

David & Nito

Gail, Dorothy & Bill

Fabrice & his passion

One of our excursions included an early morning visit to a goat milk farm.  This lovely gentleman milks his herd of 48 stunning goats every morning.  He gets 4 large urns of goat milk each day.  After the morning milking.  We went into the dairy and watched him make his cheese.  He and his apprentice made goats milk cheese in several different molds, carefully, steadily with such precision.  As we left, we made some purchases that we served the following night.  We bought some different shaped cheeses that had been aged at different lengths.  We served the cheese with some of Nito’s amazing cassis jam that she jars each year from her own fruit. (She sent me home with some that I am absolutely savoring!)

the many snails


the Petanque match

On another day, we visited an escargot farm, where we saw the reproduction of snails, something very artisanal and rare to see. We had a salt tasting at a shop with a gentleman who imports salts from all over the world, we went to a special chocolate shop, Joel Durand, whose chocolates are divine (infused with unusual ingredients).  We had a very special tour and tasting at Chateau Beaucastel with Fabrice.  This man is one of the most passionate people I have ever met in my life.  He talked about art, music, food, life and of course wine.  We tasted some of their beautiful vintages and then had a lovely lunch in Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

pastis in the afternoon

at the market

olives and tapenade

The Wednesday St Remy Market is a feast for the eyes; the brilliant colors, the fantastic assortment of produce, meats, fish, cheese, bread, soap, olives, herbs, spices, olive wood, pottery and just about everything you can possibly want.  There was a vendor that made a delightful paella that we had at 10:30 in the morning sitting on the stairs of the church relishing each nibble!

at the market

dawn with the goats

the cheesemonger


la maison jaune
15, rue carnot – st  remy de provence – 04 90 92 56 14

“fantastic meal, grilled anchovies with tomato sauce, fresh chickpeas and red pepper, lovely flavors, michelin 1 star, excellent service, reasonable winelist, chef says goodbye to you at the front door.”

le bistrot du paradou
paradou – provence – 04 90 54 32 70

“our farewell meal will be long remembered, great restaurant in a town about 15 minutes outside of St Remy, they serve 1 meal at night, lots of locals, friendly service, family run, huge following, great atmosphere, huge communal cheese platter.”

la mere germaine
Place de la Fontaine – Chateauneuf-du-Pape – 04 90 83 54 37

“Great spot in Chateauneuf, busy spot with a back room with views, nice food, simple flavors, cooked to perfection!”

la cave du bistrot decouverte
19, boulevard Victor Hugo – st remy de provence – 04 90 92 34 49

“We ate at this restaurant twice, amazing both times, is also a wine shop, Claude and his wife run the restaurant, great wine selection, professional service, warm & inviting, delicious food, to die for chocolate torte.”

le poisson d’avril
30, boulevard Victor Hugo – st remy de provence – 04 90 92 08 50

“On the main boulevard of st remy, lovely tables on the sidewalk, great meal of fish served in a copper pot, great house rose.”

la cigaliere
53-55, rue Condorcet – arles – provence – 04 90 96 56 20

“Off the beaten track, family run, cozy dining room, eclectic menu with traditional flavors with a twist, baby squid in an orange sauce, great foie gras tourchon with fig jam, leisurely meal, not rushing here!”

cafe milano
place des lices – st tropez – 04 94 97 15 43

“thin crust pizza, lovely pasta with local seafood, great place to bring the kids, casual, quick attentive service, reasonably priced and comfy.”

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