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January 2013

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!
Wishing you the best of everything!

Personally, I am gearing up for a year of adventure and fun.

One of my adventures this year is a cruise to Vietnam in April, and I hope you can come along with me.

Planning a Journey

What better way to achieve some of my New Year’s Goals and get my creative juices going than to host a cruise on Silverseas from Hong Kong to Singapore with a food & photo focus?

Vietnam is an interesting country on so many levels, though I am NOT a history buff and I will not be delving into the Vietnam war monuments and memorials. I will however be looking at Vietnam as it is today. Everything that I have heard and read describes how friendly and gracious the Vietnamese people are and how amazing the food is, especially the markets and the street food.  Most of all, I have heard of the exquisite beauty of the country – something I am looking forward to seeing firsthand.

I did not think that I would enjoy seeing the world from a ship, but I must admit, I am excited by this upcoming cruise; I love coming into the different ports, with a glimpse of the land ahead, the busy port with ships coming in and out and the hustle and business of water commerce.

If this is a destination that you have wanted to visit, consider joining me for what will be a once in a lifetime experience!

Leisurely voyage on the South China Sea on Silversea’s Silver Shadow.


Click to watch, A Taste of Vietnam, a tasty video to make you hungry for Vietnam by theperennialplate

Handpicked Discoveries

My initial bucket list for this trip:

Take a Street Food Tour from a local
Visit the Markets;
Chau Long Market – Hanoi
Dam Market – Nha Trang
Dong Ba Market – Hue
Ben Thanh Market – Ho Chi Minh City
Take a tour on a pedicab
Take a cooking class
Visit a Zen Monastery in Ha Long Bay
Cruise in a Junk

My initial list of things I want to taste:

Vietnamese Coffee
pho broth with noodles of every variety
banh mi (everyday baguette sandwiches)
muc nuong (grilled squid)
ngheu hap (clams with ginger, lemongrass, and fresh mint)
cao lau (tangy broth with anise and soy sauce, chives, mint, cilantro, crumbled rice cracker)
thit nuong (grilled meat)
banh uot thit nuong (dim sum with grilled pork)
goi cuon (fresh summer rolls with sweet shrimp)
cha gio cua (crab spring rolls)
jackfruit, soursop, papaya, mango
sinh (smoothies)

I am sure this list will be revised a few times prior to the trip!

“Hue is renowned for its elaborate cuisine, developed by the skilled cooks of the royal court. Legend has it that the Nguyen kings, who ruled a united Vietnam from Hue in the 19th century, refused to eat the same meal twice in a year, so their cooks came up with hundreds of distinct, visually arresting dishes (most using the same few dozen ingredients).”


Here are a few blogs that I have been reading that are getting me excited for the trip! Luckily there are no calories involved in reading!

Sticky Rice
Culinary Wanderlust
Viet Street Food
Everything you want to know about Pho

Contact for more information, pricing and for reservations!

Coastal Vietnam


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