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Greetings from Sonoma

February 1, 2013
The staff worked incredibly hard during the days we were closed to get the restaurant in tip top shape for the new year. On our very long to-do list there were many cleaning projects, repairs and new additions that I think you will see right away on your next visit.
Beautiful new fabric covers the banquettes in the dining room. The color is similar, but the texture is firm, luxe and it feels good to sit on. The old cheese bar was removed and replaced with a new one made with reclaimed wood. Don George, our friend from Ecowood who built our bars and barn doors at Suite D did a gorgeous job. With this new design, we concentrated on the ease of use and that included an additional 8 inches of aisle space and a new ice bin. Sometimes it is the little things that are the ones that make the most difference.
We’ve added a clear tent onthe patio for the colder winter months. We worked with Wine Country Party (one of our favorite catering vendors), who were extremely helpful in erecting a terrific tent and went even further by helping us soften the space with use of fabric and burlap to create a look that brings the girl & the fig outside even in the rain. It is cozy out there with the heaters, but if you need a bit more warmth, we have plenty of blankets.
We’ve also replaced a 20 year old stove/oven with a workhorse, one that I hope will last just as long; an improvement that you won’t be able to see, but I know this one was extremely appreciated by our kitchen staff.
The Fig Cafe logo
Chef Bryan and his team have also been doing quite a bit of their own deep spring cleaning. Not necessarily a fun job but definitely one which is needed after a busy year. Artist in residence, Julie Higgins installed some new art, and we’ve added a few tiles to the floor.  It is recognized that the fig cafe is such a family, neighborhood comfort spot; always a friendly face from guests and staff alike. Most of the fig cafe regulars know our crew by name.Follow the fig cafe FACEBOOK page – Chef Bryan keeps it updated with his menu changes. The dish below is one of the recipes which Chef Bryan created for the Cookbook, Fig & Verjus Braised Pork Shoulder.

G & F Caters logo

The 2013 catering season launched with our participation in a fun wedding collection called The Lab Event. We were one of the caterers offering delicious nibbles as prospective brides networked with event planners, florists and cake designers, including our good friends at Crisp Bake Shop. There were almost a dozen different decorated nooks, each with a different theme. It was great to see what these amazing, talented vendors were doing and what the new trends of the year might bring. Of course, everyone loved our Truffled Mac & Cheese and were curious to taste our “fig elixir” (a warm tonic of water, maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne). It was also a wonderful night to reconnect with old friends.
Another fun event to kick off the year was Michael Muscardini’s grand opening of his new tasting room in Kenwood. Chef John and Chef Uriel fired up the Pizza Oven and they were tossing pies for hours. Combined with another win and a step towards the Super Bowl for the 49ers – it was a great weekend!
Somehow, we work through the busy season thinking that January will bring relief to the long days of summer and fall, but not this year. We are sending wedding and party proposals out like mad. 2013 is going to be a terrific year to celebrate – and I hope we can do that with you!
In the news:
We are anxiously waiting for Gaia’s new baby and at the same time we are welcoming Aimee Hanson into our company as an Event Manager.

I would love to hear what recipes you have made from Plats du Jour. Producing the book was a gratifying experience, and the only thing that could make it even better is to have friends actually cook from it and create memorable meals. Feel free to shoot me an email with pictures and stories, and if you made some changes to the recipes, I would be interested in hearing about that, too!
photo by Steven Krause   
Since Dungeness Crab season is in its glory, I definitely recommend preparing the Dungeness Crab & Avocado Salad on page 44. This is a simple recipe to follow and the result is a salad with an amazing combination of flavors.
Friday, February 15
The Lodge at Sonoma
Annadel Winery Winemaker Dinner
Saturday, February 16
Annadel Estate Winery
Prospect 772 Winemaker Dinner
Saturday, February 23
Prospect 772 Winery
March 11 – 14
Rhone Valleys, France
March 18 – 26
the girl & the fig
the fig cafe & winebar
March 22
The General’s Residence
Rhone Rangers Grand Tasting
March 23
Fort Mason
Silversea Cruise with Sondra
April 2 – 11
Hong Kong – Vietnam – SingaporeSonoma Valley International Film Festival
April 10 – 14

We keep our Public Event Calendar current . We do however add events when new ones are booked. Check it out to keep up with us and get in our 2013 Sonoma groove!
There are still cabins available on my Silversea Cruise going to the South China Sea. I can’t tell you how excited I am to go to a country where I’ve never been: Vietnam! Food, friends and photography will be the focus – I hope you will consider joining me on this adventure!

In our newly designed retail section at the girl & the fig, we made some room to offer some of the finest packets from Baker Seeds. Sitting next to the Sonoma Valley Sharecropper jars and pickling spices, these heirloom seeds are just waiting to be snatched up and be planted.
Our products are available in over 100 stores across the country. If you don’t see them at your favorite cheese shop or specialty market, please ask for them. Or, you can certainly order all of our products online through the FIGSTORE.

2012 was an impressive year for Suite D. We were able to provide a good return to our KICKSTARTER backers who helped us figure out what works best in our crazy industrial space.
The backer rewards included: cocktail parties, music, family style dinners, cooking classes, sponsorship gatherings, board meetings, staff gatherings, baby showers, and a ping pong tournament to round things off.

This year the space will be used for tastings with our upcoming wedding clients as well as D Cafe at Suite D.  We will give you all the details once they’ve been ironed out and hope that you’ll be able to experience Suite D soon.
Just so you don’t think that I am all work and no play, I wanted to share some of my favorites from last year in hopes that they’ll bring you much fun this year.
Eat Your Books – For when your cookbooks and recipes need some organization …
Pandora – For when you need to discover new sounds …
(I found some great bands that I had never heard before; The Lumineers, Seryn, Fleet Foxes and more …)
Alameda Flea Market – For when you want to unearth some new treasures …
Paper 53 – For when you feel the need to doodle …

January 2013

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!
Wishing you the best of everything!

Personally, I am gearing up for a year of adventure and fun.

One of my adventures this year is a cruise to Vietnam in April, and I hope you can come along with me.

Planning a Journey

What better way to achieve some of my New Year’s Goals and get my creative juices going than to host a cruise on Silverseas from Hong Kong to Singapore with a food & photo focus?

Vietnam is an interesting country on so many levels, though I am NOT a history buff and I will not be delving into the Vietnam war monuments and memorials. I will however be looking at Vietnam as it is today. Everything that I have heard and read describes how friendly and gracious the Vietnamese people are and how amazing the food is, especially the markets and the street food.  Most of all, I have heard of the exquisite beauty of the country – something I am looking forward to seeing firsthand.

I did not think that I would enjoy seeing the world from a ship, but I must admit, I am excited by this upcoming cruise; I love coming into the different ports, with a glimpse of the land ahead, the busy port with ships coming in and out and the hustle and business of water commerce.

If this is a destination that you have wanted to visit, consider joining me for what will be a once in a lifetime experience!

Leisurely voyage on the South China Sea on Silversea’s Silver Shadow.


Click to watch, A Taste of Vietnam, a tasty video to make you hungry for Vietnam by theperennialplate

Handpicked Discoveries

My initial bucket list for this trip:

Take a Street Food Tour from a local
Visit the Markets;
Chau Long Market – Hanoi
Dam Market – Nha Trang
Dong Ba Market – Hue
Ben Thanh Market – Ho Chi Minh City
Take a tour on a pedicab
Take a cooking class
Visit a Zen Monastery in Ha Long Bay
Cruise in a Junk

My initial list of things I want to taste:

Vietnamese Coffee
pho broth with noodles of every variety
banh mi (everyday baguette sandwiches)
muc nuong (grilled squid)
ngheu hap (clams with ginger, lemongrass, and fresh mint)
cao lau (tangy broth with anise and soy sauce, chives, mint, cilantro, crumbled rice cracker)
thit nuong (grilled meat)
banh uot thit nuong (dim sum with grilled pork)
goi cuon (fresh summer rolls with sweet shrimp)
cha gio cua (crab spring rolls)
jackfruit, soursop, papaya, mango
sinh (smoothies)

I am sure this list will be revised a few times prior to the trip!

“Hue is renowned for its elaborate cuisine, developed by the skilled cooks of the royal court. Legend has it that the Nguyen kings, who ruled a united Vietnam from Hue in the 19th century, refused to eat the same meal twice in a year, so their cooks came up with hundreds of distinct, visually arresting dishes (most using the same few dozen ingredients).”


Here are a few blogs that I have been reading that are getting me excited for the trip! Luckily there are no calories involved in reading!

Sticky Rice
Culinary Wanderlust
Viet Street Food
Everything you want to know about Pho

Contact for more information, pricing and for reservations!

Coastal Vietnam


December 2012

November 30, 2012

Time for some Comfort Food!
Soup is one of my very favorite things to eat this time of the year, and there is no shortage of ideas and flavors with such an abundance of winter vegetables. In ‘Plats du Jour’, you will find many recipes for soups, including Wild Mushroom, Butternut Squash, Truffled Potato & Leek, Carrot with Fava Bean Pistou, Chilled Asparagus, and Parsnip & Ciipollini Onion. In our first book, the girl & the fig Cookbook, there are another dozen recipes such as the popular Cauliflower Gruyere Soup and the White Bean & Duck Confit Soup.
When preparing soup, here are a few tips that will make your soup even better:
1 – Use the best ingredients you can find – seasonal vegetables, fresh herbs and especially a good quality stock.
2 – If you do not make your own stock, you can buy broth from the store.  Read the label – use a low sodium version so that you can control your seasoning.
3 – Speaking of seasoning, do it in layers – a little bit of salt in each of the preparation steps will prevent over seasoning.
4 – If you want a creamy soup, try nonfat Greek yogurt instead of cream, but remember to add it to the soup off of the heat or it may curdle.
5 – Lastly, experiment with flavors and textures that you like and even different garnishes that will change it up a bit.

My mom is heading out for a visit in a few weeks, so I can be assured of having some of her amazing Chicken Soup (hint, hint).

Happy Holidays to all of our family & friends.
As we look back on a very busy year, we have so much to be thankful for.Our staff has worked tremendously hard to show you the best of Sonoma, from the earth, the vine and our hearts.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2013, with lots of fun in store for all of us!

Keep in touch, we will keep you posted!

December 13
Late Night at Cornerstone

We will be signing books and making a recipe from the book!

Vietnam in the Springtime

Silversea’s Silver Shadow

Hong Kong, Coastal Vietnam, Singapore
April 2 – April 11

As I research my upcoming trip to Coastal Vietnam, I am getting more and more excited to go!  Of course, I am thinking about the food and what interesting dishes I will get to see and taste. I am dreaming of the markets (which look to be on small boats) and bicycles, and I am inspired by the colors of the landscapes and the big smiles of not only the Buddhas but the children and the locals in their homes.

Follow my Vietnam Pinterest Board and see if you can see where my excitement is coming from!

Contact Millennium Travel for more information at 831-659-0151 or view the website.

Ping Pong in Sonoma!

Our first Ping Pong Social was a success! Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the festivities. We saw some incredible games with trick shots, spin and even a few bulls eyes.

After about 8 rounds, we were able to crown Joe the winner of the 1st Double Elimination Championship.

The chefs prepared an array of food appropriate for Ping Pong, including Parmesan-Truffle Popcorn, Miniature Beef-Brie Sliders, Spicy Chicken Wings, Sinful Macaroni & Cheese, Antipasti, and a Dessert Buffet.
We had an official Ball Girl, Tournament Timer & Score Keeper and Barmen!

Look for more Ping Pong Socials in the Future or Host one at Suite D for your friends next year!

Midnight shopping?

Visit our new webstore, same great products,easier to find what you are looking for!

If you are a retailer and are interested in carrying our products in your store – give us a call at 866-420-FIGS


Our D CAFE will POP-UP in January.

Wed & Thur Nights will be Dinner at the D ~  featuring a different set menu each week.

Expect great reasonably priced comfort food from our Chefs, unique wines and a bit of fun!

Menus and pricing will be posted on the Suite D website, the Event Calendar andEVENTBRITE.

Tickets must be pre-paid through EVENTBRITE in advance.

Suite D

RECENT Suite D photographs from the Backer Party on October19th.
by Megan Clouse



the girl & the fig

November 2012

November 1, 2012

Our hearts and prayers go out to all of our friends and family on the East Coast dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  We wish you all a safe and speedy recovery!

photo by Megan Clouse

Our first Suite D Kickstarter Cooking Class was a huge success.  Our good friends Don & Colette George invited some of their out of town friends for a class and lunch, and it was a blast! Don designed and manufactured our rolling bar/counters for Suite D and they worked as the perfect desk for the cooking class.

John taught the class some of our dishes from our book,Plats du Jour, including the Heirloom, Tomato & Watermelon Salad, Provencal Sole with Pepper & Olive Vinaigrette, Padron Peppers, and our Decadent Chocolate Brownies.




We have a feeling that our classes are going to be very popular.  See Suite D’s website for more information and the pricing for our classes.

PLATS DU JOUR, the girl & the fig’s Journey Through the Seasons in Wine Country


We will miss you!

My friend Ron introduced Julie to me back in 2002. Basically, he said that he had the perfect person for me, and he was right! Julie started working for us in accounting (and more!) on April 21, 2002. Back then, our office was behind the fig cafe in Glen Ellen in a 10 x 10 office. Julie has seen firsthand our company grow from 25 employees to over 200. She has been instrumental in creating and maintaining our administrative affairs, and especially in paying our bills on time!  Her enthusiasm for our company and our FIGfood line has been passed on to thousands of guests, clients, merchants, and employees over the years.

We have been through so much together and words cannot show the love and gratitude that I personally feel for Julie.  All of us at the girl & the fig and the fig cafe wish Julie and Ron the very best of everything as they move to their dream house in Oregon.

You will be missed, and I hope that we will always stay in touch.


It is not too late to plan a fun celebration for your family or staff!!

Sit down dinner for 60  ~~~ Cocktail Party for 85
Ping Pong Social for 45 ~~~ or, or, or …

What is your perfect party?

Suite D
unique, new, fun, options, delicious
your party – your way!

call 933-3666

Sondra goes exploring on Silversea’s Silver Shadow

Hong Kong, Coastal Vietnam, Singapore
April 2 – April 11

Just six months away! I am so excited about exploring this country that is rich in history, culture, beauty, and amazing cuisine. I hope you will join me on this once in a lifetime excursion!

Contact Millennium Travel for more information at 831-659-0151 or view the website.


Estate at Suite D
November 2nd, 2012

Backer Reward – Four Course Dinner with wine
Few Openings Left

Sat. November 17
2 – 6 pm
Suite D

the girl & the fig CATERS!
will be at Cline Cellars!

the fig cafe
Thur, Nov 22nd
1 – 6

the girl & the fig
Thur, Nov 22nd
12 – 8


RECENT Suite D photographs from the Backer Party on October12th.  by Megan Clouse


the girl & the fig




October 2, 2012
photo by Katie White

Already miss ESTATE?
Join us for a special POP-UP dinner at Suite D.

Friday, October 19th
6:15 pm

Eventbrite - ESTATE at Suite D

The Suite D website will continually be updated as we work through our KICKSTARTER backer events. With each event, we are bringing in a different local photographer to document the festivities and show you some of the possibilities of what the space can be.

Click below to see what we have to offer, but check back often to keep up to date!

Très Bonnes Années 2011 Marsanne,
Russian River Valley

After a whole lot of juggling, we were able to save this year’s white wine with the assistance of some extremely talented friends. A few months ago, we told you about our project with CRUSHPAD. Unfortunately, they ran into some bumps in the road and had to shut down their business.

Luckily we found Free Flow Wines in Sonoma, (a unique company that enables wineries to serve their wines in an environmentally-friendly way — on tap).  We were able to put the wine in kegs, and we are serving it on tap at both the girl & the fig and the fig cafe & winebar. Jeff Cohn, winemaker extraordinaire, naturally enhanced the flavors and aromas with his magic, and all in all it is a delicious, refreshing Marsanne with a touch of Viognier for added finesse. As you can see in the above picture, we turned Julie Higgin‘s label art into a TAP Handle.  Taste it soon – it won’t be around for too long!

Sondra goes exploring on
Silversea’s Silver Shadow

Hong Kong, Coastal Vietnam, Singapore
April 2 – April 11

April 2 Tue Hong Kong, China
April 3 Wed Day at Sea
April 4 Thur Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
April 5 Fri Ha Long Bay,Vietnam
April 6 Sat Chan May (Hue/Da Nang)
April 7 Sun Nha Trang, Vietnam
April 8 Mon Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
April 9 Tue Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
April 10 Wed Day at Sea
April 11 Thu Singapore, Singapore

Wed, Oct 10
Cooking Claass
222 East 4th Avenue – San Mateo, CA 94401

Fri, Oct 19th
ESTATE at Suite D

Family Meal

Thur, Oct 25
March of Dimes
The Palace Hotel, 2 New Montgomery St – SF, CA

October 28, 2012
Backer Reward Sunday Supper Few Openings Left

Still to Come —

the girl & the fig
Thur, Nov 22nd

Sat, DEC 8th



APR 2 – APR 11, 2013
Stay tuned for more details

photo by Steve Krause

With Autumn upon us, the Sazerac Cocktail is the perfect drink to transition into the season. This is a delicious cocktail for whiskey, bourbon and rye drinkers. The flavors of the Sazerac are layered and the bar techniques (a liquor wash swirl and a citrus release) make it even more interesting. The Sazerac is rich in history, dating back to the mid 1800s and is also the official drink of New Orleans.  Since you may not have a handy bottle of Absinthe, feel free to substitute Pernod or any Pastis you have available.

Sazerac Cocktail
for 2 cocktails

Absinthe or Pernod
3 ounces High West Double Rye Whiskey
6 dashes Peychauds Bitters
1 ounce Simple Syrup
Lemon Oil from lemon peel

Chill 2 rocks glasses.
Pour a dash of absinthe or Pernod into each glass and twirl to coat the inside of the glasses.
Combine the Rye, bitters, and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker.
Top with ice and stir gently.
Strain into the chilled glasses.
Twist a piece of lemon peel over each glass to release the fragrant oils into the glass.
Discard the twist and serve.

PLATS DU JOUR, the girl & the fig’s Journey Through the Seasons in Wine Country

Mutineer Magazine

Heirloom Gardener Magazine

Diner’s Journal – Notes on Eating, Drinking and Cooking

Suite D

RECENT Suite D EVENT pictures from the Backer Party
on Sept 8th. by Katie White




~last few weeks harvest at the farm~
Apples, Beans, Basil, Cucumbers, Padron Peppers, Plums, Radishes, Squash, Tomatoes, Tarragon, Eggplant

September FIGbits

August 30, 2012


art by Christopher Butler

It has been a remarkable four years at ESTATE and we can’t thank you enough for your friendship, support and patronage. We have been honored to be the caretakers at ESTATE, and it is with great sadness that we are bidding farewell to the magnificent property at 400 West Spain.  I also want to personally and publicly thank the amazing team at ESTATE. They have been so loyal, supportive and gracious over the years, especially through this transition.
Earlier this summer, Darius Anderson of Ramekins Cooking School & Event Center (our neighbor) purchased the property from our landlords. Even though we still have time left on our lease, we made a tough decision to terminate it earlier as to not prolong the inevitable.  Our last day will be sometime in mid-September, please call for reservations prior to coming to ESTATE.
In the meantime, we hope you will come say goodbye to ESTATE as we know it now.  We will let you know when and if we find a new location, but you definitely expect some upcoming ESTATE dinners at Suite D.FIRST ONE IS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19th.
La Cena di Famiglia – Family Meal – $45 pp
(does not include tax or gratuity)
Call 933-3000 x15 to make reservations
(credit card prepay required)
We have recently purchased a wood-fired oven and John has been able to reproduce his amazing pizzas.

If you have a gift card to ESTATE, please come use it!  If you can’t make it in before we close, we will honor them AFTER SEPTEMBER 20th through the end of this year at the girl & the fig or the fig cafe.  You will continue to see many of our staff at our other businesses – so don’t be a stranger!

Last month we told you about our upcoming 15 year anniversary and our decision to select a Sonoma non-profit group to receive a  $15,000 donation from us that we hope will be useful to their organization.The votes are in and the staff has selected the WillMar Family Grief & Healing Center in Sonoma to receive these funds. We are so happy to be able to give back to such an amazing and important organization in our community after 15 years of business here in Sonoma.”WillMar Family Grief & Healing Center provides compassionate peer group support for children, teens and their family members grieving the death of an important person in their life, and for youth and adults living with a family member suffering from a life-changing illness or injury.  In addition to the the safe, healing environment offered at the Center, WillMar also provides emergency on-site grief support, education, and training to schools and the community at large.”

Anne is still following what’s happening in the gardens atthe farm project.  You are welcome to visit the farm atImagery Winery to see for yourself.  While visiting, be sure to stop in to the Tasting Room to taste some wine and talk with them about this year’s grape harvest!
 photo by Steve Krause

Butternut Squash Soup

Serves 6
8 tablespoons (1 stick) unsalted butter
1 small yellow onion, chopped
3 celery stalks, chopped
1 medium carrot, chopped
1 large leek, white part only, cleaned and chopped
2 shallots, chopped
4 garlic cloves, crushed
2½ pounds Butternut squash, peeled, seeded, chopped
Salt and white pepper to taste
½ cup heavy cream
1 bunch fresh sage leaves, picked, for garnish
Balsamic Reduction (see below), for garnish
Melt 4 tablespoons of the butter in a medium saucepan over medium-low heat.
Add the onion, celery, carrot, leek, shallots, and garlic and sauté until the vegetables are soft, about 7 minutes.
Stir the vegetables occasionally to prevent browning. Add the squash to the vegetables and stir.
Add 2 quarts of water and season with salt and pepper.
Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer, and cook until the squash is just tender, 15 to 20 minutes.
Add the heavy cream and the remaining 4 tablespoons of butter. Remove the vegetables from the heat and purée immediately in a blender or food processor.
Strain through a fine-mesh sieve and adjust seasoning if necessary.
Heat a small amount of blended oil to 300°F and fry the sage leaves until crispy.
Transfer the sage leaves to paper towels to drain and cool.
Ladle the soup into 6 bowls and garnish each with a drizzle of the balsamic vinegar reduction and a few fried sage leaves.
Balsamic Reduction
Makes ¾ cup
1 (500 ml) bottle balsamic vinegar (the better the vinegar, the better the reduction will be)
Pour the vinegar into a medium saucepot and bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce the heat to medium and stir until all of the sugar has dissolved. Continue to simmer, uncovered, until three quarters of the vinegar has evaporated. Remove the vinegar from the heat and let it cool.  This will keep in the refrigerator for at least 6 weeks.

Suite D

 Suite D pictures by Nathan Larimer.



Backer Reward Party
September 8, 2012
Few Openings Left

Homeward Bound Fresh Starts Cooking Class
September 13, 2012

Chef Tables in the Vineyard
September 14, 2012

Book Signing at Copperfields Books
Culinary Center at Whole Foods, Napa
September 29, 2012

ESTATE at Suite D
Friday, October 19th
$45 pp Family Meal


APR 2 – APR 11, 2013

Stay tuned for more details

August FIGbits

August 1, 2012

Happy Anniversary to us! We are celebrating our life in the Sonoma community with heartfelt gratitude and love for our friends, family, staff, loyal guests, neighbors, and visitors from all over the world. It is because of all of you that we have thrived and are able to do business in Sonoma. We are looking forward to the next milestone at 20, then 25 … Thank you truly for your support and your FIG friendship!

In lieu of a big anniversary bash, the staff has the opportunity to select a Sonoma non-profit group to receive a donation from us that we hope will be useful to their organization.  We will let you know next month who they selected!

Eye on Sonoma

(Click above to watch the video about Sonoma)

“Food lovers are royally spoiled here with top notch restaurants on every corner. One of my favorites is the girl & the fig – a scrumptious taste of the region – open daily for lunch and dinner. The weekend brunch is especially good and is to be enjoyed on the patio under the Sonoma sun. For a more communal experience, be sure to sit at the bar – and don’t leave without stopping by the Fromage Salon.”

8th Street Open House
August 4, 2012

Sunday Supper Backer Reward
August 5, 2012

Book Signing
August 25

WC Weekend Lunch
August 31, 2012

Sonoma County
Wine Country Weekend 


photo by Jessamyn Harris

Suite D’s first backer dinner was AMAZING. We had a great group that nibbled on antipasti, roasted mushroom salad, Devil’s Gulch porchetta, radishes, salt roasted potatoes, farro, braised greens, and fig crisp. John Kelly from Westwood Wines paired his wines exquisitely, and our chefs made a special ice cream using John Kelly’s Nocino, which was lovely! Harold & Maude played on the silent screen, fresh baked cookies were taken home by all and our staff did an awesome job!

Next up at Suite D
August 5 – Sunday Supper Backer Dinner
October 19 – ESTATE at Suite D
October 28 – Sunday Supper Backer Dinner

photo by Jessica Harris

Continue to follow our progress on facebook and pinterest.

Sonoma Valley Sharecropper Pickling Spices

Sonoma Valley Sharecropper Pickling Spices, our exclusive blend of pickling spices is now availabe as part of the Agrarian Seed-to-Table collection for Williams-Sonoma.

Williams-Sonoma specifically chose Sonoma Valley Sharecropper Pickling Spices because it was a perfect fit for their the new Agrarian collection. 
Three different flavor profiles all come with tips from the Chef, and these blends are easy to use with only 30 minutes of hands-on time and 24 hours in the fridge to transform and preserve your bounty. So, go ahead and indulge at the farmers market or plant whatever you like in your garden!
Follow our farm blog for updates on what vegetables we are growing and what John might pickle next!
You can also get these pickling spices at any of our restaurants or online at the FIGstore.

Summer Reading brought to you by
the girl & the fig


Have you triedFIGbody?

Fig & Orange,
Wild Fig
and Tuscan Fig

Candles, Lotion,
Liquid Soap,
Lip Balm,
Goat Milk Soap,
Body Butter,
Gardener’s Salve

Remember, theFIGstore is always open whenever you want any of our goodies.


Summer Treats!

photograph by Steven Krause
Watermelon Mojito
MAKES 2 cocktails
16 to 20 fresh mint leaves
1 cup cubed watermelon, seeded and skinned
Juice of 2 limes
4 ounces light rum
2 ounces Simple Syrup
Club Soda
Divide the mint leaves between two pint glasses. Muddle the mint and add the watermelon. Continue to muddle until the watermelon is completely broken up. Fill the glasses with ice and add the lime juice, rum, and simple syrup. Shake well with a cocktail shaker and top
each drink with a splash of club soda.

Want to add to your summer fun? Check out Delicious Karma for their great deals and awesome selections!

Looking for garden inspiration this summer? Take a look at Habitat design, your one-stop online gardening resource, co-founded by the talented Bonnie Gemmell, one of the FIG’s long time friends!

Suite D

More Suite D pictures byJessamyn Harris.

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